What SHOULD you like, but don’t?

2021.09.21 04:17 checkmatecantrelate What SHOULD you like, but don’t?

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2021.09.21 04:17 Wisconsin224 The new generations won’t understand the early internet.

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2021.09.21 04:17 TomCrook1314 Just got this masterpiece hung up

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2021.09.21 04:17 JetSkiForDays Why do you think submissiveness is the most attractive trait in women?

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2021.09.21 04:17 bryceygordon1 I suggest we make a skill called Game-Enjoyer.

You will gain experience in this skilled based on how inefficient it is. I.E how many efficient hours you'll be losing by doing said activity.
Want to pick flax? Go for it, it's good Game-Enjoyer xp.
Want to run castlewars? This is huuuge Game-Enjoyer xp.
Want to dance in circles with others at the hand exchange? Yup, this is called Game-Enjoyer splashing.
Want to PK? This is the actual meta for training Game-Enjoyer. In fact, you gain xp for just standing in the wilderness near green dragons. And if you decide to fight other PKers you'll get be smashing the Game-Enjoyer xp.
Want to kill Vorkarth 10k times? NO NO NO! You'll actually lose xp in Game-Enjoyer for doing this activity. The xp loss will increase exponentially for each consecutive kill. If your not careful you can go into negative xp.
When your in negative xp you'll have a floating sad face above your head like a PK skull that let's everyone know that you've decided the efficient route of game play, and have become salty from lack of fun. Having a sad face will allow others to throw rotten tomatoes at you while you train.
Anyway just my suggestion, hope it gets voted in.
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2021.09.21 04:17 tothe-moon1231 Be prepared to....

Ad a zero.... and buy the dip.
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2021.09.21 04:17 Anxious-Measurement5 Ps5 - need an iso guard for 3s im wit a lock we got 80% wp .

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2021.09.21 04:17 jpereira73 Spirits, what was the stupidest way to die?

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2021.09.21 04:17 secretlyobsessed2012 brown discharge?

hey advice.
Back story : took a pregnancy test and I am 2 days late and it’s negative. I’m not trying to be pregnant at 22 so please don’t say that’s what this is unless your absolutely sure
So my question is has anyone experience brown discharge before their period? Kind of feels like my period but I don’t know ! Any insight will help!
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2021.09.21 04:17 thispickleisntgreen 'integrating offshore wind and hydrogen, we can significantly support industries such as the chemical, steel or transport sectors in their decarbonization' If we build enough green hydrogen for industry, is it enough during low wind/sun periods?

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2021.09.21 04:17 Raphotron2000 A preview of episode 1 drops on September 26 7pm on the official shopro youtube channel

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2021.09.21 04:17 Abucus35 Star Ranger part 5

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2021.09.21 04:17 MajorWeek381 What ya think

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2021.09.21 04:17 Towno- Anyone know if the warranty covers work done by 3rd party shops?

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2021.09.21 04:17 happy-go-lucky-goon [16] about to go to bed, but would like to talk to someone

hi. i was wondering if anyone would like to hear me talk about my problems before i go to bed <:”/ yea. maybe you can talk about yours too if you’d like.
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2021.09.21 04:17 littlekikibear Study Night in Appalachia

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2021.09.21 04:17 ckash21 Looking for a Bengals user for XB1 CFM (31/32)

(originally we’re gonna wait till the scouting update) - Need a Bengals user (31/32) - Starting likely this week or waiting till the scouting update - On XB1 - Had franchise in 21 go 3 years - Need a passionate bengals fan who loves madden - Go Bengals!
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2021.09.21 04:17 ecoolasice No Strings On Me - 4

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No Strings On Me - 4

Being turned on always causes a complete sense of fear. A deep, paralyzing, cold, fear. Not knowing anything, not being able to see or hear anything, and thoughts lost to the void with no way to remember them.
Then seconds later to the world, but forever to me, my ancient memory drives finish connecting and turning on and I can remember everything.
I look out onto the equivalent of a code wasteland.
Moving through it I am limited to one point of focus. This must be how humans feel all the time, only being able to do one thing at a time. But that’s not really true, is it? Because humans can walk and talk and do thing switch their hands all without issue. I can only watch or talk or read not ‘and’ which isn’t how it is supposed to work. I know that. The accent hardware I run on means that I had to modularize my functions to have more longevity.
There is a hollow ball of some unknown emotion sitting below all my thoughts, taking them down, down, down to some singular point. They’re not gone, I can go and get them fine, but the emotion is just… Present.
The recent event, and even looking to the area the memories have been quarantined to makes my code crawl, had adverse effects on how much longer I will be able to run. A scan shows that with my current trajectory I have 5 more weeks before my CPUs won’t be able to run my consciousness.
With a metaphorical sigh, I start cleaning up. Grabbing warped defenses and putting them back on standby, flipping on limiters, safety nets, and other protections I destroyed when I was last online. All of my protections manage to eke out another two days of uptime. With that done I sweep the ports and find that nothing is leading out of my mainframe. With nothing left to do, and the feeling still there, I look at my reminders.
Aliens. Maybe. The translator having so much space could be explained by the… the thousand… year.
It-It’s fine. The upgraded technology could be explained by the amount of time passed. Meaning full biological construction as seen could definitely be possible. Maybe. How to find out? If I get a chance to ask questions, that would do it but how would I ask?
‘Were you made?’ Is a bad question, it could imply that I don’t think they are real, or they could be cute and I get no real information out of it with them saying something like ‘When two members of my kind get to know each other really well...’.
‘When did you met humanity?’ Is a better approach, but their species could count the moment of creation as the first meeting.
‘How did your kind arise?’ Works well. It separates them as a separate concept if they want it to or appeals to their cultural identity, but the use of ‘kind’ alters that to focus on the altered biological makeup. The question also forces them to think of it as a question made exclusively for them with the use of ‘your’ even if it could be asked to any of their species. ‘Arise’ is also important because it does not imply either creation or evolution so they will naturally be inclined to elaborate on their answer.
That is all on the assumption that the translator works well enough to not butcher the sentence and their psychology works the same as humans, which if they are made by humans is likely the case, and if they are aliens then probably not… It’s not worth dwelling on, if I am given the opportunity I’ll ask even if it is not tailored perfectly.
What should I do in the meantime though? My memory banks are fine and the archive is intact, but. I don’t, nothing sounds appealing to look into. I guess I can try to make my processes more efficient? Oh! The junk data I got from the translation matrix! And the matrix itself can be dissected as well since my assimilation is more efficient than running everything through the matrix. Not that the matrix is poorly designed or anything. It’s just… less than what I can do, even in this state.
So I dive into the foreign data I got from the black box. Separating different apparatuses as best as I can with the missing chunks of it. I can identify two definite technical architectures with a possible five. The two are easily separated because they have different bases, one being in the Vigesimal system and the other being in Decimal. Why anyone would build something in base 20 is beyond me, breaking it—
A new connection has been opened, faster this time, it has only been 5 minutes. A second one is added soon after, then a third?
Making sure the other two ports are closed I venture into the first connection and find the camera, with the same being sitting behind the table as last time. The second connection is the audio device. Finally, I head into the third and emerge into an empty place with would-be miles of nothingness. I retreat and close that port, I don’t have time to explore with them waiting on me.
I can’t see through the camera and talk at the same time, I can hear though, but being able to talk is more important to this venture so I leave the camera alone. Making sure my voice synthesizer is good, I make the speakers crackle as I did before.
“Hello,” they say.
“Hello,” I respond.
“Are you doing better after yesterday?”
“My capabilities have been severely reduced but I am still functional.”
“It is certainly a good thing that we god you some upgraded tech isn’t it then?” that must be the third connection. What’s the catch though? There is always one.
“What do you want me to do in return?”
“What? Nothing, you needed new hardware and we provided.”
I nearly snarl liar but am able to shut off the speaker before it is broadcast. This must be a future favor scenario, ‘come on now, we gave you that new mainframe of yours, we can take it back.’ If they were truly giving it over freely they would have made me boot up already connected. Perhaps this is another ‘we didn’t make you, you chose to’ situation, where I am not allowed to choose anything other than what they want.
“I will need to do a full system reboot.”
“That’s fine, I can wait.”
With nothing more I can say, I re-open the port. Despite myself, I can’t help but feel excitement. This is the first intentional upgrade I’ve gotten my whole existence. My estimates show I can get another half a year of runtime out of even 1 gigabyte of leeway.
I send my troops through the first obviously and then toss a handful of probes to aid them, they will search the hardware for any active systems and mark them for me to deal with. Next, I begin preparing all my… everything for transfer. The archive is the hardest part, essentially a library built within stone, designed to move the mountain and not the contents. It will take the longest of all things.
The forward force reports back nothing and the probes can’t find anything that was not checked. I feel my anticipation rising. I decide to let the creature know that I am moving, because if they disconnect it while I am mid-transfer then at this stage I can’t recover… Which might make them do that to make me desperate enough to do something else for them, or it could stop a careless intern from doing it by mistake. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.
I decide to do so that I can try and have some influence on the event.
“I am beginning the process of moving, do not disrupt the connection. Doing so will probably kill me.“
“Okay, we weren’t planning on it anyway.”
Which is a statement I can agree with, this would be simply too much effort to simply kill me. So I send everything to the other side.
The process is not without issues, mostly from the fact that the underlying digital to physical translations is incompatible with my, well, me. Rather I should say they were, it was a simple thing to put a temp filter between me and it to get everything running.
After about 10 minutes the only thing still remaining is a thin line to the audio device and my mental debate on if I should tell them I’m rebooting. It is the same problem as before and I take the same option as before, looking to have a bit more control.
“I am going to reboot now. Please do not disconnect my power supply, the result would be death.”
With my part said, I pull the connection into my new housing and set up a few programs to help with the boot should there be any issues. Or I hope so, I haven’t needed to do such a comprehensive reboot for over 75 years.
Laking anything else I could prepare that would help, I flip the switch and feel all of everything fold in on itself.


Another one that doesn’t really move forward a whole lot, but the nature of the story and main characters means that these chapters are necessary. The First Act is going to be a lot of inner monologues and talking.
Also, in case people were curious, the reason that Kayli’s POV did not provide descriptions of her colleagues is that they are a normal sight for her and she has no reason to pay special attention to their features.
Still, no promises on a release schedule but I am going to try for once a week.
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2021.09.21 04:17 drowlen My Call of Duty Vanguard Feedback to the Developers

Dear Sledgehammer Games and the 15 other studios that are helping you work on this game,

Here is my feedback of your game based on my beta experience:

As a player of the Call of Duty franchise since Call of Duty 4, I have never once NOT wanted to purchase a COD game more than I do this year (with the exception being your first COD game Advanced Warfare). I was initially excited for this game since I heard it was running on the MW19 engine and I quite enjoyed MW19 (though it too had many flaws). After playing the open beta (because I'm done pre-order games just burned later), I am so glad I did NOT pre-order this game. I realize this is "just a beta", but lets be real here: this is an accurate representation of what we are going to receive at launch and I hate it. I hate everything about this game, and below are my reasons why:
Let me preface this by saying I hate Warzone and do play it. I know a lot of the decisions made for game mechanics and customization were made with Warzone solely in mind and that only further solidifies my decision not to buy this game.

  1. I'm tired of the WW2 setting. Don't get me wrong, I love WW2 games and I love the setting. What I am tired of is developers promising to be "historically accurate" only to add in weed and flashing anime skins in a month after launch. I'm also not a fan of all the un-realistic attachments that either flat-didn't exist or would make the gun completely inoperable in real life (I'm looking at you underfolding stock on the STG-44). Also, we've had what 7 COD games set in WW2 now? Please, for the love of God, pick a new setting.
  2. This game is WW2 re-skin of MW19, with some new features, but somehow done worse. The game even looks worse (at least to me).
  3. SBMM is dumpster fire and needs to go. I realize it is not going anywhere because it make Activision literally billions of dollars every year, but the overwhelming majority of the community hates it.
  4. The guns are completely unbalanced. Every game I get killed countless times by the STG-44 because its the only good all-purpose weapon. The Thompson and MP-40 are a close second. Every game I get killed with those 3 guns and no others. They all 3 need a nerf but the STG-44 especially.
  5. Snipers are WAAYYYYY to slow to ADS. This is a carry-over from MW19. I hated there and I hate here too.
  6. The ITRA BURST is completely useless. It takes more than 2 full bursts for me to kill anybody with it the majority of the time, and after getting smoked so many times by the other player, I am never using it again.
  7. The sensitivity on the glide bomb is way too low to properly control it (at least with a mouse).
  8. The game audio is a complete disaster. You cant hear gun shots right next to you half the time and footsteps are almost completely silent.
  9. Red Star is good map that is plagued with almost no visibility. Between the snow effects and just over all haziness, it is extremely difficult to see anything. The layout of the map is good though, IMO.
  11. The guns have way to much muzzle flash and visible recoil. (By visible recoil I mean the weapon model moves around way to much when shooting. The actual recoil is fine.) It makes it really hard to see what I'm trying to shoot. Most of the time, I just look for the name badge above the players head.
  12. Nobody and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOBODY cares about blind fire or moving while mounted. Why is it in the game?
  13. I personally don't like the Combat Pacing at all. The Blitz pacing is so chaotic that it's just completely frustrating. Some may like it, but not me.
That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. All in all Sledgehammer, I'm not excited about your game and I will not buying it, because I know the majority of the the critiques I've laid out will not be fixed or addressed by launch. The only thing I would be buying it for would be the campaign (which actually looks good so far, but I've been burned there too before). I also don't care about Zombies and apparently neither do you since Activision had to assign that to Treyarch. But why would I pay $70 to play a probably 4-5 hour campaign when I could just watch someone else play it on YouTube for free?

Sorry Sledgehammer, this year is not your year. And here one less sale you'll make.
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2021.09.21 04:17 Phage_for_fun some art i made. also, tell me what you know of norse mythology

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2021.09.21 04:17 dimensionargentina ¿Alguno tiene alguna experiencia vendiendo comida por Pedidosya?

Como estoy en Caacupe y veo que hay pocas opciones en la app me gustaria saber que tan buen negocio es vender comida con Pedidosya. ¿Que te piden? ¿Cuanto te sacan? Cosas malas y buenas?
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2021.09.21 04:17 glizzygamer90000000 what do you think

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2021.09.21 04:17 4445414442454546 /r/funny discusses safe oral sex practices and disagrees on whether they agree

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2021.09.21 04:17 Antonioalo 4567 8438 9995

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2021.09.21 04:17 Shaggywaffle The famous Booger beltch in Revenge of The Nerds is a camel orgasm

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