Is this jealousy, insecurity or? Should we go out separate ways?

2021.09.21 03:47 Malevolentdcdnt Is this jealousy, insecurity or? Should we go out separate ways?

Long distance relationship is not easy and I’ll be honest, he’s not delicately looking after this relationship.
Hey guys, this is my first time writing and asking advice on this platform.
So here’s my situation. My bf(35M) and I (27F) are nevermets and we met through an online platform. We’ve known each other for a year and a half. We were supposed to meet this December but due to Covid there are travel restrictions in my country and I’ve canceled my ticket rather than rescheduling. I’m in Asia and he’s in Europe.
He is a really intelligent guy, one of the smartest man I’ve ever met. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with him. But sometimes he would say things to me that would shake my confidence and made me feel inferior or inadequate at times. Note that, I like to think I’m highly confident, I work in a creative field, a senior high level position and I deal with all types of people. I can easily converse with people and people love being around me. So personally, I don’t think I have confidence issues with myself.
One of the things he told me was that my vocabulary isn’t great and I have trouble expressing myself (Which I am currently working on) Few days ago, he mentioned that on face value, my profile is something he would not be interested in but the feeling grew as time goes by. And In an ideal world, he’d want his partner to share conversations about current events, human rights, politics etc. Yes, he opened my eyes to a lot of things and Note that, I am trying, I am learning and I will keep growing. I know I’m not some dumb blonde, and yes I do have knowledge on certain things but on the surface level.
I brought this up with him before and told him that at times he made me feel like I am “simple minded”. When I said “no, I don’t know that. I’ve never heard of that” his response; “wow, how can you not know that?”
A week ago, he started mentioning women around him that he’s fascinated by. Firstly; his colleague. He told me she’s a breath of fresh air, she’s really smart, they talked for hours and he enjoyed talking to her (even though she’s married) Secondly; a woman he’s volunteering with. He told me how knowledgeable she is, how she’s interesting etc. The way he talked about this women; he lit up, I felt that excitement from his voice, obviously swooned. How does he expect me to feel?
Now both of us agreed that we do not or cannot relate to jealousy. There’s no reason to and I’m not really the type of person to be jealous so I don’t know. Is this it?
He mentioned that the more he thought about it, the more he’s fine if he’s not with someone who’s on the same wavelength or level as he is. He told me that I made him more carefree, I make him smile. Honestly I’m not sure, a part of me feels that he wishes his partner is as smart as him. I can’t live up to that, I cant. It’s tiring.
Lastly, he mentioned he’s really curious as to what it’s like when we finally meet and how it will be. Somehow I feel like he’s still unsure of me. When I’ve proven time over time and gave my assurance to him. Sent him gifts, packages (he never sent one to me, except for a video that he found cute and thought it reminded him of me) I bought plane tickets to fly to him, and I helped him out with a lot of things that require creative inputs for his job.
I’m lost. How would you feel if you were in my position? Would you guys still pursue and work on this? Comments and advise are really appreciated! Thank you guys so much!
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2021.09.21 03:47 shibahut [MO] June the cute normal bear [FT] Bells

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2021.09.21 03:47 Libratree Does anyone else think their SA was caused mostly by your parents?

I (27f) grew up in a seemingly loving middle class home (from the outside), two younger siblings. I still struggle between thinking it’s all in my head or caused by my parents.
My dad had always been uninvolved and disinterested. He has a short temper and would often scream and swear at us as kids over minor things (eg spilling milk on the table). If we went in to my parents to tell them something or whatever and he was watching tv he would shout “f*** off” at us, or “shut the f*** up”. He never hit us but he would hit and choke our dog if she peed on the floor or barked too much to the point where we watched her get whipped by him then vomit everywhere.
I was always called shy in primary school. I remember not having confidence and not contributing because I thought nothing I said would be interesting. I did have one or two close friends and wasn’t bullied. My parents and teachers just said the shyness was my personality.
At 12 I started to go through puberty. I knew everything already through older friends/internet but my parents never talked to me about it. I started to get depressed and developed social anxiety (of course I had no idea what was wrong at the time). My mother used to call me “weird” and say “why can’t you be like the other girls?”. She used to criticise my style, how I wore my hair to the point where I believed everything about myself to be hideous.
They never set boundaries or talked me about anything. I never had a curfew or messages checking up on me if I went out. Basically I felt like an adult from about 12. I never had to rebel against anything so in ways it made me really independent and more mature than others my age but also hugely anxious and lacking socially.
As of now I have improved a lot, I’m great at travelling alone and have a friends plus a partner. But I’m extremely socially anxious in work or any formal situations, I can’t seem to get over that. So it’s affected me now in that I have a good education (master’s degree) but I can only work a menial job and seen as “the quiet one” that keeps to herself.
I always wish that I had a different childhood and although I do believe I’m fully responsible for myself now, maybe it’s selfish, but, I honestly do think my parents caused it.
Anyone else?
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2021.09.21 03:47 BEG5210 How can you get the old gen map on newer gen versions of GTA 5?

I have the XBOX One, and PC version of GTA V, and I wildly prefer the minimap that is on the old gen versions (360 and ps3)
Here is an imigur album comparing the two -
I'm curious if there is any way that I can change the minimap to look more like the 360 version on pc and or Xbox one platforms. if there are any pc mods that can do it, let me know.
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2021.09.21 03:47 goinbabyonbabyyuh how many liberals does it take to change a light bowlb😂

none, their to busy ???? their gender😂😂😂😂
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2021.09.21 03:47 absumo U.S. To Require Covid Vaccinations For Arriving International Travelers

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2021.09.21 03:47 teddy_wolf FUT, Day 4, 2600 grafts… thoughts please?

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2021.09.21 03:47 svanapps Bitcoin falls near $40k amid fears of China debt crisis

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2021.09.21 03:47 Pessimist2020 January 6 rioter who stormed Senate floor reports to prison for 8-month sentence while trying to undo his felony guilty plea

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2021.09.21 03:47 galaxim3 What is unfathomable at 20 yrs old but understandable by 50 yrs old?

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2021.09.21 03:47 ixaca IATSE to Hold Strike Authorization Vote After Studios Decline to Respond on Latest Proposal

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2021.09.21 03:47 Afoluneyes hello kitties, I need 100 karma, we can!

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2021.09.21 03:47 MrWizard2day Maybe this helps
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2021.09.21 03:47 SnooDonkeys222 20M - Any beard/hair advice? Would like to improve myself. Thanks.

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2021.09.21 03:47 situationtypedeall mochi ice cream tastes f'cking incredible when you're high

literally can't stop eating them
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2021.09.21 03:47 HauschkasFoot Don’t spread me or my son ever again.

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2021.09.21 03:47 Runningback2813 Sub Update!

For those who aren’t aware, quite a few posts have been reported and some taken down. With the growth of this sub it’s inevitable that this would happen. If we try to keep the vulgar talk to a low then we can hope to fix this and avoid the sub getting nuked. Thanks for stopping by and let’s hope for the best outcome.
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2021.09.21 03:47 cationicnebula Dreaded DX11 Crash

Dreaded DX11 Crash Hello Everyone, I am getting some variation of this error when I try to load into specific instances or cutscenes. So far it has stopped me from completing the omega raid series (unable to load into cutscene after talking to cid for the quest "In the beginning, There was Chaos") and the ruby weapon trial series (unable to load into duty for the quest Sleep Now in Sapphire). I was fine troubleshooting this occasionally and mostly progressing as I had not had any issues with the MSQ, until today. I am totally unable to load into the dungeon Heroes' Gauntlet, which is required for the completion of patch 5.3.
I am running the game on an Nvidia rtx 2070 and an AMD ryzen 2700X 8 core. I have not had similar issues with any other games or programs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have no mods installed.
So far I have tried a full reinstall of the game, including deleting my local profile. I have also attempted the same cutscenes while using DX9 instead of DX11. I have ensured the game is FPS locked (tried at 60, 30, and 15). After reading through an old thread that suggested disabling link state power management, but this did not work either.
Any Advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.21 03:47 GrndfatherWilkens Any word on a patch for screen tearing?

Has anyone heard of any plans for a patch for the screen tearing and frame rate problems on PS5? You would think this would have been considered an emergency by Nacon since the game is borderline unplayable.
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2021.09.21 03:47 Weird-Address2822 Crédito Habitação

Boa noite,
Hipoteticamente, eu e a minha namorada queremos comprar casa, podendo dar no máximo 500€ pela mensalidade.
A questão aqui é pedir um crédito a 40 anos e pagar 250€ de mensalidade e amortizar o crédito com mais 250€.
Ou então pedir crédito a 20 anos e pagar os 500€ de mensalidade, sem fazer amortização.
(Valores redondo e hipotéticos).
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2021.09.21 03:47 augustnagro Fast C-style for loops in Scala 3

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2021.09.21 03:47 geeidontknowman Saying words ending with "sts" and "ths" are brilliant ways of showing off your English pronunciation

Words like "twists", "gists" and "fists" sound very beautiful but not so easy to speak (for non-natives).
Same goes for words like "maths", "breathes" and "cloths".
Being brought up in a country where English is most people's second language, I struggle saying these words. But I admire people who can say them.
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