I tried to be good but this game made me truly understand Staunton Vhane... and I love it

2021.09.21 04:47 june_a I tried to be good but this game made me truly understand Staunton Vhane... and I love it

This long post contains major story spoilers. Apologies for any grammar errors, English isn't my native language.
I did not choose the evil path, it was chosen for me. I just wanted to defeat demons while saving and redeeming as many people as possible. So in Act 1 I was considering following the Angel mythic path. I started having my first doubts when I learned that Wardstones function only because there are hundreds of angels trapped inside. This seemed very cruel, so I decided to follow the aeon's suggestion and free the angels. That's when I realized that "good" options require sacrifices. I chose Aeon as my path and tried to keep balance and make fair decisions.
I failed. I tried my best, but the aeon was never happy with my choices. That's when a devil appeared in my war room in Drezen. He was really nice to me and made a lot of reasonable suggestions as my advisor. He wasn't as cold and harsh as the aeon. He was saying: "It's okay, friend, you are on the right path, just listen to your heart less and listen to me more, and everything will be fine". He was praising my intellect and my decision-making skills. Devils are good at that.
After several weeks of hard work and seemingly endless (but successful) battles with demons, I was suddenly stripped of my rank by the queen and forced to go to the Abyss. Is that how Galfrey expresses her gratitude? Well, someone had to do that, so I followed her orders. An angel, the Hand of the Inheritor, decided to accompany me, and it gave me some comfort to know that such a powerful being is on my side.
I did everything right, I resisted every temptation, I was certainly the most righteous mortal in the Abyss. And yet the angel left me, just because my powers weren't given to me by Iomedae. I tried to bring order even to the Abyss, but the aeon wasn't happy with my performance.
After this long journey I returned to Drezen just to find it in ruins. I tried to use my aeon powers to defeat the demons, but the aeon refused to give them to me. I wasn't good enough.
And then I thought: " Screw you, Galfrey! Screw you, aeon! Screw you, Hand of the Inheritor, twice over! I'm trying so hard to help you, I literally went to the Abyss for that, and what do I get in return? Even demons treat me better than you do." I was in the same situation as Staunton Vhane, abandoned and betrayed by most of my allies. I lost everything, expect for tons of fine loot from the Abyss.
And then the devil appeared again. He called me "friend". He said he was happy to see me. He offered me to become one of them. He said that I have what it takes, that I belong in Hell. And I agreed.
Glory to Lord Asmodeus!
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2021.09.21 04:47 Jenetyk Is there a set in stone date that a sailor stationed OCONUS must be state-side prior to EAOS?

I'm looking for a NAVPERS or something of that nature. I have heard everything from 90 days to 0. I assume a CO can say they can't leave early because of manning, but I need to find some instruction for guidance moving forward.
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2021.09.21 04:47 Serious1214 Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Hey all, I was interested in starting a Yu-Gi-Oh club, since there isn't a club that plays it (I asked every booth at Geek Knight and there was no luck). How would I go about doing so?
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2021.09.21 04:47 J3ST3RR how

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2021.09.21 04:47 WeLikeCheeseAndStuff How does a human develop the ability to care about new humans that come in to their life, even if the human they bring in is unremarkable?

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2021.09.21 04:47 DragonMoodLord Finally made my dream car a few weeks ago, I've adored it ever since

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2021.09.21 04:47 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.09.21 04:47 Vikingcz1 H: Quad50crit15vats fixer W: Legacy

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2021.09.21 04:47 floubyr 24 [M4F] I need someone to talk to and help distract me

Hey I’m 24M and have recently had a break up with my girlfriend. It’s been hard and I miss getting to talk to someone. I just need a distraction to help get things off my mind. A little bit about me. I love the outdoors and doing anything active! If anyone want to talk and get to know each other I would love to make some new friends and who knows maybe more.
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2021.09.21 04:47 smithingskill11 Indian Blacksmith Making Razor Shar Unique Axe Farsa ! Handmade

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2021.09.21 04:47 Safe_Car_1073 Where is the surname heise from? Is it southern or northern German? Or perhaps has an origin somewhere else ?

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2021.09.21 04:47 DyHabit [ORIGINAL] Dying Habit - Think

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2021.09.21 04:47 kobony Original Art Airbrush/Acrylic Painting,30W x 41H x 0D cm,Leonardo Tellez Minimalism,Abstract,Conceptual,IllustrationAnimal. Lion,Minimalist,Abstract,Animal,Color

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2021.09.21 04:47 fredericktheterrible I'm in my last year of highschool and I've started feeling really lonely and anxious at times and nothing I have done is really helping. I think a romantic partner would honestly help me but that's especially hard for me to pull off because I'm gay. Plus I also feel like I'm missing out which is sad

I (17m) have recently had what I would describe as severe bouts of loneliness and anxiety for the last few weeks or so. Plus sometimes I just can't properly talk to my friends about my struggles in other aspects, and finally I just feel sad that I've never had a real relationship. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to meet other lgbtq folk that I might know and successfully connect with them. As it stands right now in not even interested in anyone except this one guy, who I'm pretty sure isn't interested in me. I'm aware that highschool relationships aren't built to last, but I really need it now, I've never felt this constantly and oppressively anxious before
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2021.09.21 04:47 Mochy_ovo AUS-OCE/ PC and Switch Gamer

Always looking for gaming friends that plays in OCE server :3 On PC I mainly play League, Apex those days. I also have a lot of games such as ARK, R6s, RAFT, divinity sin2, naraka bladepoint, dead by daylight...etc. But i rarely play them now.
On Switch, I play pokemon unite, monster hunter rise, 51games, mariokart etc
Especially want someone to play league and Apex with me ;-; I'm gold for league and plat for apex Feel free to leave a comment or message? i'm new to reddit so don't rly know how to be in touch :p
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2021.09.21 04:47 Movingday1 Let the show begin…

Any bets on the market recovering some what tomorrow…
Big G goes up because of T+2…
Then Wednesday the China Market Opens…
Their like them sum bitches from the US just front run us…
China Response: Will show them
Tomorrow’s new name: Divergence
Set Big G free…
If you’re lucky you’ll get some Mooncake Festival pie….
Need help spelling the word “ZEN “
Let me guess futures up?
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2021.09.21 04:47 moebiusunlooped New to crypto, specific question

Hi there
I'm looking to buy some coin, most likely Bitcoin or Ethereum. Small amounts less than $300 CAD. But I want to buy it online, without procuring identification. Does anybody have a suggestion on an exchange or something?
I have an app that's got a wallet address, now how do I get some coin privately and safely?
Like can I do it without leaving home and a debit card? I mean I have a Localcoin machine a few blocks away if needs but I'm in quarantine for the next week or so
Thanks any advice appreciated.
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2021.09.21 04:47 -portlandhipster69 White Power Hour going hard tonight

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2021.09.21 04:47 SenpaiCamden New player console troubles

How do you upgrade hero’s on console? i’m still figuring everything out, and there’s been no help so far in game
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2021.09.21 04:47 magandasteph not sure what to do in this situation, need advice from someone

this is so difficult to discuss with people around me because everyone's parents are so kind and caring, that when i mention issues with my mom they always take her side because "she's your mom, you gotta respect her!!"
i recently quit my job because of bad management, and for around a month i've been job searching so i can earn enough money to move out. a friend of mine recommended me to his manager at a certain chain restaurant, i went and interviewed and met some of the coworkers and everyone seemed really nice and approachable, plus i already know one of the people i'd be working with. i would be starting at $13/hr, but with optional training i can opt in for, i can earn up to $17/hr. i got accepted for the job, and start my training this wednesday.
my mom thinks different, and had been telling me to apply for her job at a shipping company for a job that makes $21/hr. at first it seemed great, so i applied, and had a few red flags from the application. it gave me flashbacks to my old job where they would overschedule me, overwork me, and then gaslight me. personally, i'd rather work a job making less money but that i actually enjoy going to. on top of that i'd have to see my mom at that job at some points. i already never leave my room to reduce the chances of seeing her at home. i told her even though i applied, i'm probably taking the first job.
that enraged her and she went behind my back to speak to the hiring manager which happens to be her friend, and scheduled an interview FOR me this thursday, and has been nagging at me to go. telling me that i am making the biggest mistake of my life and will regret it and she knows so much better, and since i am living under her roof i must listen to her.
i just don't want to let her keep controlling me and my life decisions. let me make a decision for myself. let me make mistakes and learn from them. i can't stand her hovering over me, gaslighting me, and threatening me every time i try to take thing into my own hands. and i can't leave either, i can't afford to. i feel so suffocated, like a caged animal.
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2021.09.21 04:47 ApostateLibrarian My monster of a compacta bloomed! It smells amazing!

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2021.09.21 04:47 JangoWett I’m gonna kill myself tomorrow

I’m tired of losing friends 24/7 and just being a overall lazy fuck and waste of space. For some reason I do shit unknowingly that makes my friends dislike me and I’ve had it. It’s not them it’s me because at this point it’s happened to several times it just can’t be them. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow. I’m so fucking pathetic like holy shit I’m basically used as fucking jerk off material for this one guy. I wish I can start this shit over again but I know I can’t and I know I can’t fucking fix it because I’ve tried that several times and it hasn’t worked. This is the only option that’s possible. Im gonna do it maybe during or after school idk haven’t decided yet. Anyways if you hear about a teen that OD’d in a grass field in California that’s me.
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2021.09.21 04:47 dlozi56 Durban on a Rain Day

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2021.09.21 04:47 Struppi441 Someting is definetly wrong here

Someting is definetly wrong here
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2021.09.21 04:47 TheMixerTheMaster Tracy Lawrence - Rock and a Soft Place [Country]

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