Question about diazepam

2021.09.21 05:09 Nolifedad Question about diazepam

First time poster here
Im curious about how people use diazepam to get through alcohol withdrawals.
I quit for about 30 days about 2 months ago but have fell off the wagon the last month or so. I have noticed the withdrawals are worse this time around trying to stop.
I have a family friend who I can get diazepam from and I was interested in doing so to help with withdrawals. Obviously I should see a doctor about this but I would like to start detoxing ASAP and my next couple weeks are very busy with work/life stuff.
I would just like to hear how others have used it to help with this and maybe what the doses prescribed were.
I’m 28, male, and drink about 8-10 drinks per night currently.
I appreciate any input!
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2021.09.21 05:09 Bourbonaddicted Ei riding to battle

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2021.09.21 05:09 Antistene L’archeologia che smaschera stereotipi e pregiudizi sul ruolo delle donne nell’antichità

Artiste, gladiatrici, ginnaste, imprenditrici
[..]La presenza femminile risulta sottostimata in quasi tutte le epoche storiche, questo perché spesso i pregiudizi sessisti fanno dare per scontato che determinati ruoli fossero una prerogativa maschile. Per esempio, quando si parla delle rappresentazioni nelle grotte preistoriche, si dà quasi per certo che gli artisti fossero maschi, anche se poi, viste le dimensioni delle mani che sono stampate all’interno delle grotte, è probabile che si trattasse invece di femmine. Donne potrebbero essere state anche le artiste che hanno scolpito o plasmato gli idoletti femminili delle dee madri paleolitiche e neolitiche.
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2021.09.21 05:09 Top_Location List of worries...

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2021.09.21 05:09 doors_2 Filmistan, studio that released many top grossing-films in 1940s-50s & then fell off the map

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2021.09.21 05:09 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 05:09 Top_Location Is Your NFT Actually Decentralized?

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2021.09.21 05:09 The_Carpeteer ID help? My friend got it with a ring from a crystal store.

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2021.09.21 05:09 Lordlaforte Lifebywart

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2021.09.21 05:09 EtherGlassCircle Which below EtherGlass [Dark Series] is your favorite?

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2021.09.21 05:09 Term_Best #Recall u/dwarfisherlock

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2021.09.21 05:09 GodCherry Ethan should stream FFXIV

I really want to watch it and I hope I’m not alone
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2021.09.21 05:09 dreco214 Has anyone got lucky enough to win a 1v2 on nightmare rivals lol admitting the luck part cause I don't play that great but if you need a laugh at a struggle, here you go

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2021.09.21 05:09 Purple_Monkey34 Going by the PPVs in WWE2k19 if you had the choice in game to have whatever Songs you wanted as the PPV themes either from past ones or new songs never used what would you pick?

Backlash Clash of Champions Elimination Chamber Extreme Rules Fastlane Hell in a Cell Money in the Bank Royal Rumble SummerSlam Survivor Series TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs WrestleMania
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2021.09.21 05:09 fieryspider So, Rad Techs of Reddit, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen this week?

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2021.09.21 05:09 alastaired4567 $PINKPANDA DeFi: Community and Charity - A community-driven token that actively donates to cancer charities!

Hey everyone, I’ve been investing on BSC for a while and I want to share something new with you. To be honest, I’m usually very objective and dispassionate about investments, but something about the PinkPanda DeFi community has made me much more excited about it than anything before.
It’s a utility coin for a mobile app on both iOS and Android that supports decentralized trading on BSC with 5x leverage. Like, TrustWallet but much much more powerful. And they released the V2.4 of their Mobile App just this week, with additional intuitive features! I’ve never downloaded an app so fast tbh. If this doesn’t prove the credibility of the devs, nothing does. ALSO: the team is doxxed with renowned and highly-skilled board members.
And, of course, the chart. It’s a thing of otherworldly beauty. It goes up a shit ton, corrects a bit, and then keeps going up a shit ton more. The momentum is insane. Check it out yourself--you’ll be shocked.
Now, as I mentioned, the community is the best thing about this coin. Please just humor me and TRY IT--hop into the Telegram chat and see for yourself. These pandas are OBSESSED and are constantly chatting, shilling, and buying.
Why does everyone like pandas? Because they’re calm, reassuring, steady, and cute. So is PinkPanda imo. I don’t go to sleep worrying about my money. I sleep peacefully knowing that the Panda community has got my back.
Obvious stuff: contract renounced, LP locked, doxxed founder, audited by Dessert Finance.
💬 TG:
🌐 Website:
🚀 Contract: 0x631e1e455019c359b939fe214edc761d36bf6ad6
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2021.09.21 05:09 itsme_shibintmz New in VS Code 1.60 is support for bracket pair colourization

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2021.09.21 05:09 AquaWitch0715 version 1.84.1 is now available in Google Play Store!

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2021.09.21 05:09 MrBigDick83KiK Lamar Jackson Jukes Everybody

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2021.09.21 05:09 StudyandSplurge I feel broken

I don’t know if I’m still in shock or just really confused about my results. I just can’t hold back the tears. I know my life isn’t over but it sure feels like it. I can’t even fathom doing all of this over again. I keep asking myself was I not smart enough? Did I not study as much? Am I supposed to be an attorney? What are people going to think when they ask if I passed and I say no.
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2021.09.21 05:09 subhoanime SEIREI GENSOUKI EPISODE 11
Seirei Gensouki Episode 11 English Subbed at gogoanime tv
Category: Summer 2021 Anime
Plot Summary: Amakawa Haruto is a young man who died before reuniting with his childhood friend who disappeared five years ago. Rio is a boy living in the slums who wants revenge for his mother who was murdered in front of him when he was five years old. Earth and another world. Two people with completely different backgrounds and values. For some reason, the memories and personality of Haruto who should've died is resurrected in Rio's body. As the two are confused over their memories and personalities fusing together, Rio decides to live in this new world. Along with Haruto's memories, Rio awakens an unknown "special power," and it seems that if he uses it well, he can live a better life. But before that, Rio encounters a kidnapping that turns out to be of a princess of the Bertram Kingdom that he lives in. After saving the princess, Rio is given a scholarship at the Royal Academy, a school for the rich and powerful. Being a poor orphan in a school of nobles turns out to be an extremely detestable place to be.
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2021.09.21 05:09 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 05:09 nusensei Share one piece of advice you've been given, and I'll tell you why it might not apply.

There's no shortage of threads and posts that parrot the same advice over and over again by people who have read on the topic of YT and growth, but not actually made it. As a channel that has "made it", I and others spend most of our time here debunking repeated advice or addressing advice in a way that is more relevant and applicable to the people asking.
Let me be clear: most advice is actually good advice, but poorly understood. This isn't intended to bust myths, but to give YT advice clearer meaning and how it relates to you.
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2021.09.21 05:09 BlazinApostle What's Behind The Market Drop Today?

On Friday I asked all you apes to watch the markets today for some excitement and the markets came through for us! Today I want to dissect the motivation behind the sudden lurch downward in the markets. Most of the mainstream financial media presented two potential causes - 1) the Evergrande situation and 2) fears about near term growth prospects. As far as Evergrande goes it is a big deal but there was no real blockbuster news that would affect market prices that much today. That will be coming more toward the end of the week. As for near term growth prospects nothing new or earthshattering there either that would cause this relatively large move.
I would like to present to you all another, more sinister, potential cause - the Wall St. elite reminding the Fed who the boss is - like it did with the "taper tantrums" of 2013 and 2018. Wall St. obviously does not want QE to end and they don't want any tapering schedule to come from the Fed meeting this week. So perhaps the Wall St. boys decided that a little reminder of what could happen to the markets should the Fed actually have the balls to announce a taper of QE was in order. Kind of like some gangsters walking into the room and saying "Nice little economy you got here. Shame if something were to happen to it". *knocks the markets down 2%* "Remember who owns you". And all this just in time as the Fed meeting starts later this week and a taper schedule is on the agenda.
If the markets start to recover tomorrow then I believe that the Wall St. extortion / protection racket theory becomes the most obvious motive for the market drop. Wall St. needs a drop just large enough to get the Fed's attention but not so large as to cause an unintended implosion of the whole rotten structure. So we have the market action that we say today. Now we wait for the Fed to reply. So what do all you apes think will happen? Big time bankster thriller in real life!
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