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2021.09.21 03:55 MaverickNic insult aimed at loyalists?

I need to think of a short insult aimed at loyalists around 5-12 letters. Any ideas? its for a paint project
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2021.09.21 03:55 Stenv2 RWBY Rewriting and Thoughts swimming around in my head Part 37: The Haven Trilogy and the Battle of Haven: Full on Synopsis.

Part One: Mostly I discuss the differences between Rewrites, Reimagines, and so on. And good points were made.
Part Two: Just giving Ruby more to do.
Part 3: So sorry Weiss Fans XD This is the Weiss part.
Part 4: The revamping of Blake. Joking just some additions she needed.
Part 5: Yang the Underrated. Basically where I do add on to her instead of wanting to change her too much.
Part 6: The Jaune Part.
Part 7: Nora's Hammer time!
Part 8: Pyrrha Champion of Peace
Part 9: Stealthy Ren.
Part 10: Cardin, just Cardin.
Part 11: Russel aka Mohawk guy.
Part 12: Dove Bronzewing, the guy that keeps his eyes shut.
Part 13: Sky Lark my least favorite XD
Part 14: Coco's here!
Part 15: Fox Alistair, the foxy blind warrior.
Part 16: Velvet hoppity Hop.
Part 17: Yatsuhashi The Gentle Giant.
Part 18: Glynda the Good Witch.
Part 19: Ain't she a peach? Professor Peach.
Part 20: Oobleck is more coffee than man.
Part 21: Port the chad. Joking XD
Part 22: The man who is as gray as his Hair. Ozpin!
Part 23: Minor Character Roundup!
Part 24: Sun the sunshine Boy!
Part 25: Salutations Penny!
Part 26: Villain Time.
Part 27: Sayanora Beacon
Part 28: Grimm Grimm.
Part 29: Filler Post for maybe changing Mistral Geography.
Part 30: Ruby's back to kick some butt!
Part 31: Even when you're at your lowest, you can rise up like Weiss.
Part 32: Shades of Blake (Yes I am all the cheese XD)
Part 33: Yang finding her Ying.
Part 34: QJNR + Oscar
Part 35: Side Character Round Up 2
Part Zero: Rambles Honestly one thing I realized is that when you get down to it, the biggest problem with post Beacon Era RWBY, is that it stopped being about characters... I know sounds weird right? But hear me out. Everyone can agree that there was some strong characterization in the beacon Era.
But... What characterization did anyone get in post Beacon? Yang got sad over losing an arm and then gradually became angry and distrustful.
Weiss...became a spellcaster....
Blake is now Yang's girlfriend and nothing else.
Jaune cried over Pyrrha and nearly died, and now he's all better.
Nora and Ren got together, mostly because Nora wanted it, and then they split up because Nora wants to find herself now.
And in between all of this, new characters are just being introduced left and right, and not even fleshed out themselves or given much in the way of characterization because everything has taken a back seat to the overall main plot of stopping the evil milf from destroying the world. And even then it's not even that good, and the heroes sure have a funny way of saving the world, when they leave Mistral with no leadership, and then destroyed the most advanced kingdom of them all, basically reducing Remnant significantly even if Pietro is some super duper scientist that knows all the science, or even if some scientists somehow survive Vacuo, they are still in a rough place that will take arguably several generations to recover from that kind of loss, unless the gods deus ex machina some bullshit. But that's enough ranting.
The point is, when I initially decided that Volume Five wouldn't be the volume where the girls got back together, I wasn't too sure but I've grown to like it, because in a way it actually gives the girls more time to themselves to flesh themselves out more, wrap up some personal arcs and prime them for more growth and development when they get back together.
The only part I regret is saving the climax of volume six for this post XD, so many times it felt like I was just cutting a chunk off. All I can do now is hope that you peeps do in fact love this climax to Volume Six, which was like Volume Five in this version. With that in mind....LET'S GO TO SUMMARIZING!!!!
Part Two: Volume Four Through Five I could sum up each and every one of the girl's parts, but the links exist for a reason XD. But one context, Zwei helps out Ruby in a big way, supporting her, helping her track Grimm, and distracts Tyrian in their big clash, helping Ruby unlock her semblance evolution.
But rather than spend a whole hour resuming parts I shall get to the nitty gritty.
This Volume is the darkest, the girls and their friends are at their lowest. Dealing with Trauma, Grief, and walls of opposition that threaten to destroy them. But each girl finds the light in the dark tunnel and climbs out, but they don't get it easy, no it's because I extended their dark arcs to the next volume that I am creating a theme, if Volume Three was the start of the dark times. Then Volume Four is the dark times, and Volume Five is struggling through the dark.
But on the Villain Side, you see that they are rising, more specifically Cinder. The plans are still in motion, and they are striking while good is vulnerable.
Volume Five ends with the girls having conquered their inner demons.
As for JNR, they are trying to save a friend in Ruby, and fighting through their grief, and their own personal struggles, such as Ren and Nora wondering who they are without each other, and Jaune dealing with the fact that he got what he wanted more or less, he is in the heroic role, but is he really cut out for it? What would Pyrrha do? They learn that they are there for each other, and it's not about being some big bloody hero, it's about doing what they can do. No matter how small or big.
Oscar is dealing with his life being torn apart by Ozpin, and being forced to go to Haven, through manipulations and Ozpin straight up just taking over, and we see the way that Ozpin's system had flaws with Lionheart who is sick Ozpin's bigger picture mentality of just sending kids to their deaths. To maintain his perfect system, no matter the cost. Hazel also has an axe to grind against Ozpin, but what holds them back is that Oscar is largely an innocent that hasn't succumbed to Ozpin yet, and it's a moral dillema of if it's right to kill him before Ozpin takes over, or if they should just keep him alive longer, since neither want to truly kill children.
Part Three: Volume Six and the Battle of Haven at long last. So now that we're here, I am going up with surprisingly Oscar of all people. An inversion for how he's been presented in the previous volumes, always being in the post-credits scenes. But from Volume Six, we see how much that Hazel is taking over Mistral, the specialized Grimm making short work of the students but under his orders, they don't get killed, and we even see some previous ones from the vytal festival.
Granted this isn't reducing the protags to the post-credits scenes. No rather the protags still got a good majority of the episodes getting to Haven.
But then that changes near the beginning of the Haven Battle Arc.
The Grimm have Haven and the cities surrounding it nearly under control. But people fight back, but are losing, and Ozpin/Oscar has to watch this, Ozpin is silent at his failure, and Oscar is horrified trying to plead with Hazel and Lionheart trying to get them to listen to reason. But Lionheart says it's pointless, without fully trained Hunstmen who have been cleverly eliminated and covered up by the Spiders and his own hand, no one is coming to save Haven, it shall be like Beacon but more clean.
But then.. much to their shock. Something happens.
A bright flash of silver is seen from a distance, as on the northern outskirts, Team RNJR and Qrow have finally arrived, and Ruby just eliminated a group of Grimm. And then epically, we see the fruits of the heroes labors.
As Team RJNR with their evolved semblances, upgraded weapons, overall battle skills having improved! They tear through the hordes of Grimm, showing that where they struggled in The Breach in the Beacon Era, now they are stronger then they were, and they are just carving through the horde.
Hazel starts to use the seer to send reinforcements but then... The rest of Team RWBY shows up
Yang explodes onto the scene like a massive fireball in one section, taking out a large group of Grimm. Weiss shreds Grimm to pieces in her section, her glyphs being used in new crazy ways, summoning way more, being nimble, cutting and piercing, and Blake arrives with her White Fang forces, survivors but willing to fight.
And she guides a path for them, using Adam's blade and Gamboul Shroud taking out a hundred Grimm instantly! Thanks to her own combat evolution and semblance evolution.
Oscar can't help but be in awe, and Ozpin is stunned that the kids he had seen at Beacon are not only alive, they have grown beyond his expectations, he was expecting Ruby to get that good, but the others he assumed would be dead by now.
The girls eventually find each other, and it's a tearful huggy reunion in the center of the Grimm. Team JNR and Qrow smile, but it's still battle time.
Ruby and Jaune devise a plan to split up the forces, and even joke with each other along the lines of. "You go down Vomit Boy.." "And you go up Crater Face." Fist bump and then Bam JNR and Qrow head to the lower parts of the city, backed up by White Fang forces helping and rescuing people.
Ruby thanks to her and Jaune often chatting as seen in a flash back about how Cinder could have gotten so far, and Qrow reluctantly chimed in. Jaune and Ruby were able to piece together that Lionheart had something to do with it, or someone was pulling the strings at the top.
So with Team RWBY back in action, they storm Haven Academy.!
But first we get to team JNR, don't worry the girls are getting some schweet stuff, but first.
Jaune and Nora and Ren split up right away, Jaune fights alongside Sun Wukong, and the dudes exchange some banter.
Nora teams up with Illia.
And Ren gets a surprising team up when Vernal shows up, along with Raven. He doesn't really question and just goes with the flow.
And as for Qrow he gets another match with Tyrian, and it's an intense fight, but near the end he has Tyrian beat. And Tyrian laughs at him, saying what next? Will he arrest him like his goody hero niece? Qrow says no, he isn't a hero and kills Tyrian, and then comments to the side, he isn't as good as her. And we get a small image of Summer in his mind.
We get all kinds of banter and Team JNR kicking some bloody arse, and then at one point Ren and Nora end up back to back. It's intense, and then Ren starts talking to Nora, and it's clear it's about his feelings. Nora points out now probably isn't the best time, but Ren argues back now might be the only time. They start arguing with each other while comedically helping each other kill some big grimms.
Then in one calm moment of battle, the two laugh at each other's antics, and then they kiss each other while they set off big explosions in the background thanks to Nora's dust upgrades and Ren's aura martial arts. Now that they know who they are in their own right, they've resolved their relationship drama, plus unlike Canon, it's a mutual kiss XD (You can correct if I am wrong about no mutual kiss existing in canon, all I can recall is Nora forcefully kissing Ren.)
Jaune gets his hero moment, by holding up an entire collapsing building, his semblances and aura to their limits as he helps people get out of the collapsed rubble.
And at first people are stunned to see Faunus like Illia and Sun, and others saving their lives, especially from the white fang, but seeing as they're saving their lives, they quickly change their tune and the humans start fighting alongside the Faunus.
Qrow is shocked to see Raven fighting here, but she smirks cockily making it enigmatic why she is there.
And now back to the girls. We get some banter on their way up to the natural floating island where Haven Academy is located. (Credit to RogueHunterX for the idea of natural floating islands in Mistral) They get up there after Ruby inhales, pushing her Aura to fuel up her semblance as much as possible wrapping up all four girls, and flying them up to the island, once aboard.
Yang pounds down the door, while Weiss and Blake leap past her in perfect sync as they immediately get into battle with the Grimm, and Ruby and Yang clean up after them. The room is oddly quiet and empty for a few moments, until Hazel grunts, and he stands above the team, with Lionheart at his side, holding Oscar hostage.
It's made clear that Ozpin is inside of Oscar, and Hazel says the kids don't even know what they're fighting for. The lies that Ozpin built everything on, the people who he has thrown away to meet his own goals. Salem may be monstrous but at least in her new world, there is more of a fair chance than what Ozpin had set up.
Ruby steps forward surprising everyone, and she shouts out. Right now none of that matters, the people they're murdering, that's more important to her than any talk of gods and ancient immortals fighting over their fate.
She says it in such a way that Hazel is taken aback, and we see through his eyes, that Ruby reminds him of Gretchen. He grits his teeth, and decides that if that's what they all think then he will just have to take care of it himself personally. The other girls step up beside Ruby, and nod saying they will pick their own fates. They also are there for Ruby, but the girls aren't a hivemind XD
So we get Team RWBY vs Hazel, that's how it starts. And the girls despite having been gone from each other for a while and all their growth they are able to beautifully remain in sync, and we see all kinds of team combos, and the girls just know each other well enough they adjust to their new moves, and Weiss is more than a little showboating to Blake, but pouts when Blake shows off her more impressive semblance.
Yang mocking takes some of Hazel's hit and returns them back way stronger than he is prepared for, luckily he can't feel pain, And Ruby can just toss him around with her thorns, wrapping around him swinging him around.
Lionheart is about to threaten to kill Oscar when it's clear Hazel is losing the fight, wincing as though in pain, but Ozpin uses the distraction of Team RWBY vs Hazel to get out of the grasp. Oscar is wrestling control, but Ozpin points out how they could die. Oscar says if he dies, he wants to die as himself. And something stirs in Ozpin, forgotten memories of long ago. He apologizes, and then Oscar is surprised to find his aura better, and he is learning things but Ozpin isn't in control.
Oscar is still no match for Lionheart though, but the headmaster keeps holding back, conflicted with killing a child. We see whatever his semblance is about to be, but then he gets a heavy hit from Vernal, who has showed up with Raven through a portal, Raven walks by him ignoring him and stares down at the fight taking place, and Vernal begins fighting Lionheart in an epic fight, showing Vernal is that capable.
Hazel is steaming mad, as he viciously argues with them, but Ruby argues back. "How can you stand by that monster?!" Hazel more or less is saying, but Ruby says the only side she is taking, is her own, she is fighting for everyone, and she's not letting someone decide that for her or anyone else, she will instead forge a different path outside of some grand machinations!
Hazel is stunned by the conviction, and it shakes him, making him remember when he lost hope, resolve, and how he was just lost without Gretchen, but then Salem offered him another way. As he goes down, he wonders what he would have been like if he had found the strength to find his own way. Ruby then offers the downed Hazel a hand, saying it's not too late, he can join them to make a better way different than every other option.
Hazel is shocked but there is none of Ozpin's lies, none of Salem's inhuman nature, none of that is in those silver eyes that gleam like a noble simple soul. Hazel takes her hand, but he is beyond weakened and can't do anything else.
And with Lionheart fighting both Oscar and Vernal, he is weakening, and then QJNR shows up, and he gets knocked out, and thrown next to Hazel. He gets tied up, and everyone is just chilling out, and then the realization comes in, they did it, they saved Haven.
Everyone is just laughing for a moment, letting it all breath in, as work is already getting started repairing the city. But one last issue remains.
Ozpin, Raven naturally wants to kill him, Ruby stops her as that would be killing a kid. Qrow argues Ozpin is the only one that has experience, and then Raven and Hazel are arguing things that Ozpin has done, lots of arguing takes place.
But Ruby has had enough!
And she yells at the top of her lungs, and she straight up shuts down everyone, and says they don't have time for this nonsense. Salem wants them to tear each other apart, and they will find out everything about Ozpin, but it will be their way.
Raven says Ozpin will lie, but she has a way to show the truth, the Relic of Knowledge. Which she used a few years ago, leaving only two questions. Ozpin is shocked, and yeah while Hazel was in Haven, he teased that they were there to find the spring maiden as well as get the Relic.
Hazel at this point is tied up and shocked as well. Ruby asks for explanation, and then Raven explains everything about Maidens, and the Relics. And it shocks everyone, but it also makes sense now what they saw at Beacon, what Blake saw at Menagerie, and if the Relics are as powerful as Raven says, it clicks for Weiss how Atlas got as advanced as it did, but Yang picks up something odd about Raven's tale and prompts her for it, and Raven reveals she is the current spring maiden.
Then the focus is brought to Ozpin, and so he reveals his whole backstory with threat of using the lamp's last two questions. And at the end of it all, Qrow wants to murder Ozpin, everyone is horrified. But Ruby once again stops everyone, and she stops them hard, because no matter what, Ozpin is still in a child's body, someone that got dragged into this against their will.
Ruby is putting her foot down, destroying all their arguments. Saying to Raven, she had all that power, and she could have done so much more with it, hell even steal the Relic, create some kingdom of her own outside the machinations of Oz or Salem, or brought the truth out years ago to someone that would listen, but she didn't.
She says she knows Qrow isn't the best person, and she loves him, but she always believes in him, because he was the uncle there for her when she needed him most. Don't let Ozpin's manipulations mask the fact that he did do good.
And she appeals to her team and her friends, that they are better than this. And they don't have to forgive Ozpin, but they shouldn't lose their empathy, they've all suffered something, and Oz's story has it's share of loss and pain. And then she turns around looking OscaOzpin in the eye, and she bluntly asks him. "Do you regret anything you did?" Ozpin has no answer and that is what makes him shut down for now, not being accused of being a monster but asking him to think if he regrets his actions, and seeing these students do the impossible (Since these were grimm of Salem that had legit semblances something that would have defeated even the most experienced fully fledged hunter, something no children as what he sees Ruby and Freinds like, he woldn't have ever expected them to not only defeat those Grimm but also Hazel and Tryian.), seeing Ruby unite people despite the horrible truth of his actions coming to light, it makes him realize that maybe somewhere deep down... all this time... he was wrong in some way. And it's a bitter pill to swallow.
Ruby then takes out her scroll, making a clicking noises, showing she had recorded the whole confession. Surprising everyone and Ruby speaks. Saying that she thought it over about Mistral being attacked, it was odd that there wasn't more Grimm, if the plan was to simply take Mistral why wasn't more effort put into it.
Jaune realizes what Ruby means... Mistral wasn't the only goal or even the main one. Ruby and Jaune naturally talk it out and realize Atlas is the next target. When asked why Ruby recorded the confession, Ruby says they are going to Atlas. Not just to warn them, but the truth has to be known, she's not sure how they spread it, but people deserve to know it. Though she does feel guilty for recording Oz's personal guts like that, but it's the easiest way to show the truth to those she needs to.
Meaning Jaune and Ruby say that they need to go to Atlas next. With Jaune and her having a back and forth deducing Salem's strategy, the main goal was never the maiden or the relic in Mistral, after taking out Vale in the manner she did, no kingdom wants to help each other, so if they take out Atlas while leaving Mistral the closest neighbor devastated, then when Atlas falls, there will be no way to fight Salem with their biggest military taken out. But there is a look of guilt as the kids look at the ruined Haven and it's surrounding city, how can they leave this all behind? This isn't leaving it in the best place, then Illia steps forward and says if Blake is okay with it, she will lead the White Fang in her stead, and help with protecting and rebuilding Mistral. The White Fang are all loyal to Blake and agree to it, Blake vows that in return she will make sure to get something from Atlas, to which Weiss steps in, and though the White Fang are hostile, they are stunned when Wiess offers Blake a position on SDC Board, a chairman, to help run things, and give Faunus more say.
Raven chuckles and says she will help run things in Mistral, And then Qrow says he will stay behind.
He says that the kids have more than proved themselves time and time again, besides they don't need a dusty old Crow hanging around giving them bad luck, though he will likely get killed by Tai he jokes. He hugs his nieces.
Yeah Yeah I know you're probably upset about me writing Qrow out, but hear me out please? One Thing I tried real hard to do is show that the protags are more than capable of not needing adults, they have graduated in a sense but they aren't ungrateful to adults, but they are ready to do things themselves. Plus they inspired Qrow, and Raven to be better, and with The White Fang helping, they can make Mistral better while they deal with Atlas.
So then Ruby starts to say that no one has to follow her, but she is quickly shut down by Yang, saying she ain't getting rid of her that easily. Weiss cracks an honest to god joke shocking them all that she can't exactly trust Atlas to behave around Blake, besides her team finds the best wrecking situations. Blake says she missed them all, and besides... she has something to fight for, looking at the white fang, and then going over to Sun kissing him.
Sun is going back to Vacuo to his team, but they will see each other again.
Jaune says he still has business to attend to, holding Pyrrha's weapon. Ren and Nora put their arms around their fearless leader, saying they're a package deal.
And then Oscar steps forward hesitantly and says he wants to come along. Not because Ozpin is controlling him, but because he can't just go back to his farm, he wants to help. Ruby asks him to be sure, and Oscar gulps, and while Jaune is wary, he recognizes something in Oscar, and says they will be there for him, and if Ozpin shows up, they might knock him around a little, though it's more of a joke.
And then as we close the volume with Team RWBY and Team JORN (Can't think of a better name XD). We see one last conversation between Raven and Qrow, watching over the kids, and Qrow comments Ruby really is a lot like Summer.
But Raven counters. "No." And we see in her mind various flashbacks of Team STRQ, ending with an image of a lone summer, and then we fade into the present day with Ruby with all her friends headed off to Argus. And Raven finishes saying. "She's stronger."
And that's the end of the Haven Trilogy. Naturally Hazel and Lionheart are going to be locked up, but who knows maybe in a spinoff book or whatever they redeem themselves and start working in the restoration of Mistral.
And I am feeling a bit maschochistic slash crazy, so while I am not tackling Atlas, I will do one more post, aka just one. Volume Seven, aka the trip to Argus and Atlas. Where we see that there is more potential to the silver eyes, maria is introduced and more to come. Since I am not introducing a crap ton of new characters and it's fairly simple should be an easy self contained post.
But I will have to wait to cover Atlas itself since I don't know what's on that island.....but wait....I forgot something.....
Part Four: The Stinger After that optimistic ending, and the credits roll, we catch up with that Silver Eyed Faunus Cinder kidnapped. He is in a dark room, and he gets taunted by Cinder and Salem.
He is told he can leave if he can fight his way out. So he fights, but Cinder is cruel, cutting him by a thousand cuts slowly killing him. When he is backed into a corner he lets out a roar, and his silver eyes fill the entire room, leaving everything white save for black lines of him and Cinder.
A long black arm grabs him by the throat, as the light eventually dims out and he is horrified. He gave it everything he had... and nothing happened. Then he is knocked out with a single punch.
"Well Doctor Merlott. You've finally succeeded. No longer will the Silver Eyes bother her. Hmm must be a result of the Maiden Power and your work mixing together. A pity that we can't make Grimm Immune to silver eyes, but once the last Silver Eyed Warrior dies. It won't matter in the end."
And so we learn that Cinder is now immune to Silver Eyes.
Until next time..Seeya! and to quote IAmMenance, have a blessed day.
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2021.09.21 03:55 asdfcat110 Albums on vinyl!

I’m looking to buy some ween vinyls but everyone says don’t because most of them ate bad quality. Does anyone know which releases are worth the buy?
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If you need more info on anything hi Dollar related you can dm me.
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2021.09.21 03:55 CMCS54 What can be sexual, but also able to be said to a police officer?

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2021.09.21 03:55 SoftAdministrative86 Cerberus Vs King Cerberus theme

Both are bangers but I like Cerberus's theme more.
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2021.09.21 03:55 donewithmyaddiction Can there be balance between gooning and a normal life?

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I repotted my monstera yesterday. It had root rot but I took out the damaged root and seperated it as it naturally came apart, into three parts. I used indoor plant soil and perlite. Today she started turning yellow in some places and is super wilty 😔 what can I do?
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2021.09.21 03:55 Lifeiscleanair ELI5 - Why do medicines from plants like the poppy "fit" humans so perfectly?

I've curious as to why certain plans such as the poppy have parts such as morphine, codeine etc that affect humans so specifically.
Why do we possess such a specific ability to be be receptive to these plants?
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Please, please, please remember to take breaks when playing PD or any games in general. Recently I've been playing a lot more than usual and I've been developing numbness and dull pains in my right hand, especially when I bend it. It gets worse when I play. The amount of time I've been playing rhythm games and my job definantly have a factor in this, but don't be dumb like me please.
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2021.09.21 03:55 Ignatius_of_Loyala Was playing Redflood and I beat the Germans as Poland and then Bavaria decided to be sad.

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2021.09.21 03:55 UFCLulu Is khabib fighting again? Or are these talk show events or something?

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u/LocalStabby, are you spaghetti?
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2021.09.21 03:55 IsVH17 I think i know why the Knight archetype is only for the player and not npcs.

Hear me out I noticed how much people say about "nobody knows why there are no knights in Space, besides the player". And i think i figured it out. The knights philosophy say that " Knights are noble warriors that fight for right, not for personal gain. Peace will come to the galaxy only when evil has been vanquished." I guess that the Knight philosophy is the LITERAL, opposite of the grox philosophy. And the player being the only one to be able to get it, i think that, it's suposed to be a way of saying that the player is the only Empire that had what is necessary to defeat the grox. Both in technology, and morals. Because knights fight for what is right, and the grox are an evil species oppressing the galaxy. And it is the PLAYER, job. To get rid of them, and bring Peace, to the galaxy once more.
That's just my theory tho.
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2021.09.21 03:55 IvoidYourWarranties Trick Room TM

Anyone else have issues getting the trick room TM from Sabrina? I beat her and never got it, showed her my shiny metagross for the charm and can't get any new dialog. Is there something I'm missing?
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