NFL referees when asked to call a clean game when the Lions are playing…

2021.09.21 04:49 HauteDogg NFL referees when asked to call a clean game when the Lions are playing…

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2021.09.21 04:49 DirtyyLittle What's a better or more tasteful way to say, "Masks are no longer required because everyone is dead"?

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2021.09.21 04:49 Recent-Ad-9277 This is my best Spartan Race medal

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2021.09.21 04:49 ShinoBuiii YSG or ALEX f2p?

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2021.09.21 04:49 Wellokayythennn I’m not asking for a diagnosis, I just want to see if anyone recognizes these symptoms as anything

I’ve been having such a rough time lately. I’ve always been like this, for as long as I can remember. Basically, I’m either the happiest most outgoing person ever, or I’m like, suicidal and having anxiety attacks. Like, within a day my mood switches out so many times it’s impossible to even function anymore. I can’t just be medium. It’s just super intense emotions all the time. It ruins all my friendships and relationships because I’m so territorial of all my friends and can’t control my emotions. Please help.
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2021.09.21 04:49 bot_neen UIF denuncia ante FGR a Gloria Trevi y a su esposo Armando Gómez por evasión fiscal de 400 mdp

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2021.09.21 04:49 fire_raging22 Tapering off Seroquel

I’m tapering off of Seroquel and getting really bad heart palpitations. Has anyone else gone through this and does it go away?? I’m scared
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2021.09.21 04:49 Take0verMars Finished a Coven Throne. Funny enough I finished it a year after the first one I ever painted. I didn't even plan that just a happy accident

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2021.09.21 04:49 kingaling Can we get one of those umpire missed calls percentage diagrams for the game tonight?

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2021.09.21 04:49 TheMixerTheMaster Polaris - Ivy Boy [Indie Rock/Jangle Pop]

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2021.09.21 04:49 Shhlugmaa Do USPHL teams drug test for weed?

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2021.09.21 04:49 Low3z OneNote Tips and Tricks

Inspired by an earlier post in who uses OneNote, I was wondering what tips and tricks people have when using OneNote in the classroom. I’m in the secondary context but primary or secondary tips are welcome!
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2021.09.21 04:49 Maniakk1 Yamato 6+ vs Yamato 6* : A world apart?

This is a follow up to my Last Tap Analysis.
In my analysis, my conclusions were that :

  1. Luffy was the weakest of the 3 LT Anni with his basic kit, but newcomer-friendly gameplay. He was great everywhere (we are still talking top 5 captain, he isn't bad), but his reliance on himself made him less valuable.
  2. Law was amazing and 2nd best individual captain, but his LT being countered heavily in content where he is supposed to excel is a harsh enough flaw to counter balance his amazing special to not give him the top spot. His Kit centered around his Block Orb removal, and he needed more help than Kid to get to boosts he needs, as well as his HP Condition being less controllable since his ST heal didn't cover enough healing compared to his threshold.
  3. Yamato was 2nd overall thanks to her brute damage in chain being so high, as well as Driven as a whole being so strong with dual FC, and the presence of Kid giving her all the boost necessary, as well as units like UltiPepe working well with her. Her damage output was amazing, she didn't stack any buffs with anybody, although her weakness vs Full immunity does hurt her a bit, her base multipliers do catch up, and incredible chain control. As a solo unit, she is weaker than Law or Luffy, but in consideration with FC or subs, she gains a lot more.
  4. Kid was the best captain in the game and best overall of the LT (imo, the best individual unit, sub and cap, is Toki with her being top tier cap and god tier sub). His hyper offense was excellent in weaker content in HP like GC, his speed blasted through Arena, and his weakest point was Kizuna, where he had gained Yamato as FC, also his LT lvl 1 being AoE directly made him very valuable as LT 1 to not override her chain buff, as well as his ability to manage 4 buffs (buffs + orbs)
Yamato 6+ has been revealed, and there has been a lot of question about her power. I really think you should see Coucou's videos, or FateofMuffin's comments. They are amazing people who help me out and discuss with me. (Again, I am not here to say I'm right, this is a personal analysis, I am always happy to see comments discussing)
But after trying her out in current GC and Arena, this is what I analyzed :
But that base speed comes at a price, with lower maximum potential damage, making her slightly weaker in Kizuna.
  1. Driven has access to some of the best units in the game, with Ulti Pepe being an amazing x2.25 conditional booster that bypasses any immunity, and a x2.6 chain boundary. But also options like KK Jack/OLin, being some of the best subs right now, Black Maria with 3 effects removal and affinity is going to be a very good unit (i've been using her A LOT right now), 7th Anni Zoro is also a big loss, Big Tank pirates, Mihawk Perona, Buggy Stampede, BMK (VS and Dual F2P), King STR, and Kizuna Killer Sugar (although, could still play her, like Toki, this is a mute point imo)
  2. By being FS, Yamato has gotten mainly Toki as big FC who is like Kid in offering triple boost, Law Wano as Orb + Chain Boundary (so a lesser UltiPepe as his Orb boost is starting to lack), Ace Sabo, who still is one of the best subs in the game, with amazing Orb + Affinity + orb control (this is a good thing), Roger as duo captain is pretty huge, TM Luffy Beast (really good unit but who is pretty much a F2P Zoro Anni and is still INT for Yamato), KK Iva, Kuja Pirates (Black maria did more in utility for less offense), Shira and Reiju Anni.
The big point is Toki vs Kid, but while she is an incredible option, she lacks the speed that Kid offered in GC, as her pure CA is not as offensive as Kid's, she doesn't guarantee orbs, and her Utility is a little bit overshadowed by anti-bind from Yamato, since you still have to bring utility with Yamato being Perfect/chain based.
The list of swaps is really long, but I think losing Ulti Pepe as well as KK Jack/OLin/Yamato Batch are really huge differences that Ace Sabo or KK Iva have a hard time really replacing just because of the shear amount of utility and impact KK 5+ units have (we are talking double debuff for 6 turns with boost)
I'll be honest, Driven is currently a better class, and on top of that, a lot of FS units don't require captain to be of a certain class, while Driven do either require your captain to be a certain class, or have boost on top of their utility who is tied to Driven, making it harder to really take those units in a run.
For me, the main conclusion between both forms is this :
- Yamato 6+ is inarguably stronger than Yamato 6*! But... Yamato 6* works better overall in the game right now, not only with the influx of Driven unit since AkaAce VS, but also because Driven function more in a combo FC/Cap that really benefits the type of unit Yamato is, while FS don't offer the same freedom and versatility, as well as her duo with Kid being THAT INSANE.
Had Kid/Queen/King not been such powerful captains, I think yamato 6+ is a no-brainer better unit (imo, with Yamato/Law/Luffy, this is the 6 of the 8 best captains in the game and clear cut higher than BMK/RogeVivi, etc..., with Toki and AceAka VS down at 7th/8th, but the combo of Kid > Toki, Queen/King > Luffy).
Yamato 6+ isn't worse either, she is a better unit, and the option of FS is honestly good enough to be comparable to Driven, as well as still having some combo with Kid, a newly found combo with Toki/Roger, these are all tools that make Yamato 6+ incredibly powerful, but the differences are big enough, and the power level is similar enough that 1 copie each is very interesting, or swaping between both forms regurlarly is advised.
Yamato 6+ is also the best individual captain in the game, with no surprise, but only as a single unit. Again, with FC, I favor Kid a little bit.
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2021.09.21 04:49 HobbyDoggy Anyone have an active guild I can join. Good or bad lol

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2021.09.21 04:49 awkwardarchie Which European country would you say is the most similar to yours?

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2021.09.21 04:49 colbert_US Does Esfand play offstream, or am I paranoid?

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2021.09.21 04:49 compy168 Highest lumen 13W LED bulb

So far I can only find 1600 lumen 13W bulb made bu Sansi. Can I use the 16W or 17W build on my 13W max rating floor lamp? Thanks!
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2021.09.21 04:49 craptons 2021 Topps Museum Alec Bohm 10/35 game worn retro patch rookie card Phillies FS - $20 Shipped

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2021.09.21 04:49 Vampire5695 She's just trying to pay her student loans

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2021.09.21 04:49 SonOfGoogles 37 M OR (PNW) looking for friends to chat or hopefully hang out with

Hey friends, my name is Daniel and I am looking for some friends. I have a few friends I chat with online and a couple I play games with but sometimes they are busy and I am not. My ideal friend would be someone who lives in Oregon (or the PNW) near me (a little ways west of Portland near pacific university) and after we chatted for a while we could hangout and play some games. But I would never turn down a chat with a new friend.
I suppose I should tell you a little about me. I am 37 M (as stated in my title). I am married and have 3 wonderful but occasionally challenging children.i work as a software engineer and I really enjoy my job. Sometimes in my free time I love trying to program game bits, I have yet to finish anything but my favorite part is thinking up different aspects of games and solutioning that.
I love board games! I have a large collection of real board games but nobody to play with. I also love playing board games online using tabletop simulator. Once covid is over (or after kids can get vaccinated) I would love to host game nights and have friends over. I also love MTG and would love to play online (I prefer cockatrice because it is free) and would be up for playing most formats.
I also enjoy movies. I think my top 5 would be the Boondock Saints, interstellar, you've got mail, blazing saddles, and dirty rotten scoundrels. As far as books I prefer fantasy (wheel of time is my absolute favorite series) but I also really liked Dante's Inferno and the Martian.
You can feel free to message me any way that you'd prefer. I usually like to chat off of reddit after a little bit of conversation but it is always good to start here. I have discord and kik but I would be up for chatting on just about any platform
I should probably stop before I make this way too long and people lose interest but I am an open book, feel free to ask me anything. I hope to hear from you soon, I will try to respond to every message I get. I hope you have a great evening
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2021.09.21 04:49 avmedicine Nigella sativa benefits for respiratory health - Usage Tips.

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2021.09.21 04:49 bobccz The OG

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2021.09.21 04:49 grilledwatermelon_ Addicted to cocaine, how do I stop it?

Hi so I'm 19 and addicted to blow. I think about it all the time. When I'm in class, the only thing I'm thinking about is how doing lines after will be nice. I can't spend a day without it and consume it all until there's nothing left. I love cocaine. I think it's a really fun drug, and I'm definitely not ready to stop doing it. I'd like it to be a weekly thing maybe. But everytime I buy an eight, I just can't stop until there's nothing left. It's ruining my relationship with my bf who doesn't do blow. I have to hide the fact that I'm absolutely spun everytime I'm around him. I don't know what to do at that point, because I really don't wanna stop but I feel like I have no choices. Do you have any tips on how to moderate the use?
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2021.09.21 04:49 IvSea Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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2021.09.21 04:49 beloding What happened to STYX Shards of Darkness Cinematic Trailer song
Apologize in advance if this isn't the place to ask. I'm curious about why I can't seems to find "Marc scibilia – This shadow" anywhere and only the trailers(there is also a movie trailer used this song) remained. I love this song and it's sad to not able to get the full version.
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