ILPT Request Can Squinting Fool a Proctor AI?

2021.09.21 04:44 TheBlankestBoi ILPT Request Can Squinting Fool a Proctor AI?

Basically, if I placed my phone on the space between my keyboard and screen and than I squinted whenever I looked at the bottom of my screen (and sometimes just and random) could I prevent the ai from being able to track my eye movements? I should clarify, I purposefully messed up my laptops camera (nothing permanent, just a nice film of an oily substance that’ll lower the quality without making it suspicious (it helps that my laptops a Lenovo.) The program they’re using is called Proctorio.
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2021.09.21 04:44 Infinity_Dread Need Help ,

how to get sol im confused , I did the Dio quest but it glitched out in the Timestop kills 3 times .... Can anyone help?
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2021.09.21 04:44 lochydjango beg Subreddit Statistics

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2021.09.21 04:44 cailkin Most Intense Tribals?

Long time lurker, first time poster in the sub. I've been skipping around and watching different seasons over the last year, and I wanted to see everyone's thoughts on what seasons have the most intense tribals? I'm talking drawing rocks, game changing moves, crazy outcomes. I just watched the infamous Gabon tribal and was dying the whole time. Please comment your choices on most intense tribals!
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2021.09.21 04:44 youku1 Join the Young Paradise Discord Server!

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2021.09.21 04:44 Eternalthreshold I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with an Emma Watson Simp!

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2021.09.21 04:44 masbrown19 Good Good x NASA

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2021.09.21 04:44 Pudde95 Is EOAE Bender still usable or should I replace him?

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2021.09.21 04:44 jxeno2 on snap @ rudyburners

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2021.09.21 04:44 msfunkoprincess Eevee Heroes Booster Box Cheaper than Ebay and Japan Stores $5 Shipping

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2021.09.21 04:44 CrimsonPablo Hear me out. Anti-barrier rocket launcher.

It sounds to me.
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2021.09.21 04:44 RipWilder Not sure if this belongs delete if you want but my sister wrote a children’s book about long term Covid, which she got pre-vaccine

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2021.09.21 04:44 Lukraniom Dear the teenagers… only drink at home

Like bitches are gonna be so quick to take advantage of your drunk self. Just save yourself the trouble and only drink with people you trust. Forget bars. Forget raves. Y’all gonna get snubbed at those
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2021.09.21 04:44 SectorSudden8172 CS Co-op term schedule for international student

What is the coop term schedule for international student, like when will be our first coop.
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2021.09.21 04:44 Embarrassed-Beach Bonding aggression

Hello, I know there’s a lot of bonding information already out there, but I’m not finding it helpful for the two bunnies I’m trying to bond. My last pair bonded so easily, and this one hasn’t been easy so far.
I have a senior female (about 7yo) who lost her bonded partner about a month ago. I’m busy, and she started showing signs that she was lonely, so I adopted a male (the shelter said 3yo, but I’m not sure that he’s not under a year) a week and a half ago. They live right next to each other with 2 ex-pens keeping a couple inches between them to keep them from getting at each other through the bars. They’re both fixed.
I started introducing them in neutral territory in an ex-pen about 5 days ago, and they mostly stare at or ignore each other. Most sessions, they will get to the point of grooming themselves on opposite ends of the pen. However, if one approaches the other they fight and don’t back down. It hasn’t escalated much beyond them getting ahold of some fur because I push them back with a dustpan, but the female did get a shallow bite on her back tonight. That’s been the only injury so far thankfully. I did try putting them in a laundry basket within the first couple of days, but they fought there too and I’m worried they’ll hurt each other if I go smaller again.
Tonight, I tried putting them next to each other and petting them while keeping control of their heads so they couldn’t bite each other, and they did really well with that. Should I only be doing that for now, or should I do that and let them hang out together? Should I keep them in an ex-pen or try to give them a bigger space? Am I maybe just rushing this? There’s so many different bonding methods, and I’m struggling to know what might work best since they’re both aggressive if they get too close.
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2021.09.21 04:44 TheCoaster130 Lost Judgment Chapter 2 Discussion Thread

This thread contains spoilers for all story content up to this chapter, be warned.
Only Participate once you have completed the story chapter in question, if you have already finished the game, please go to our Lost Judgment Main Story Spoilers Megathread here to discuss.
Only discuss content pertaining to this chapter, and chapters preceding it.
Spoiler tags are not required, but are recommended.
Have a fun time with the game!
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2021.09.21 04:43 war5188 So how's Soraka not hotfixed?

Just revert the R changes its obviously unbalanced why should a easy champion like soraka be 53 percent wr in every elo? Also when a team with soraka is ahead is almost always unwinnable her R removing grevious wounds shoul not be a thing even if it was a thing 5 seasons ago where healing wasn't so ridiculous
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2021.09.21 04:43 Kennedycrew Anyone know how to retake the assessment?

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2021.09.21 04:43 xhannyah Voice Cloning Software not limited to Text-to-Speech

Hello everyone,
I have been searching for a voice cloning software or process that isn't limited to Text-To-Speech output; something that allows me to clone, for example, my neighbor's voice then use that to either edit pre-recorded audio or change the voice live.
I have come across a lot of software that clones your voice and uses text-to-speech, but this is limited by the language that the text-to-speech supports (plus it sounds a bit robotic). The other side of the coin is software that allows you to edit out audio or mask it live, but this one is limited to pre-synthesized voices included in the software.
I have been exploring some ideas about new content for my youtube/twitch channel, and was wondering if this was possible.
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2021.09.21 04:43 kurtpropan666 Code not working right on github deployment

Just did a coding challenge for a job and missed a step, adjusted the code to fix it and it worked perfectly on my local server, however after pushing it to my github the code is there but it's not working the way it should. It's like it's completely ignoring the new code. Is this a common thing and is there a workaround?
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2021.09.21 04:43 girlfromthesun1 21 F USA - Looking for interesting friends

Hey there, I'm looking for international friends who can communicate with me and who can tell me about where they're from and everything going on there. I'm a Poli-Sci (political science) student who atm is reading Eduard Bernstein's and Karl Kautsky's works (I'm a leftist and so I'm immersing myself into some of the classics). So we can talk a lot about politics and world affairs, for example I am Afghan-American so Afghanistan is also a lot on my mind. But we can talk about whatever honestly, I'm just saying what my primary interests are. So if you're interested, why not hit me up and we can set up some sort of correspondence so we can get this thing rolling. I really look forward to seeing how I will be talking to, pretty excited to see where in the world you are ;)
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2021.09.21 04:43 BRF1818 Post your Aaron Jones Week 2 story here

I was down 30 going into MNF with just Aaron Jones to play 🙏
Did you have a crazy comeback or bad beat from his performance?
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2021.09.21 04:43 No-Gazelle106 Egg or geode,last pic from Smithsonian of fossilized croc egg,with quazt crystals..

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2021.09.21 04:43 ambidextrousambivert What can someone do with my mailing info?

I’ve always been told to shred my mailing info but what for? What’s the worse someone can do?
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2021.09.21 04:43 Late_Bedroom_486 Saw a guy catch this peculiarity.

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